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What is undefined 0/1 or 0/0 ???

There is always confusion what is undefined. So lets clear today.  Watch this Lecture.

Prove that Sin(X)=Tan(x)=X when X is very small

X=Sin(x)=Tan(x) when X is very small. You can see the same result for all . In this video the value one degree is calculated for all. Please watch for complete details.  

Integration of Tanx

Integration of Tanx solved by integration by substitution. Watch this Lecture for detail proof:

Proof of X^n=nX^(n-1) formula

The Derivative from First Principles. Watch this Lecture:

Polar to Cartesian conversion and vice versa

Conversion from polar to cartesian and cartesian to polar in the simple way. Watch this Lecture.

Addition and Multiplication of infinite term??

What will happen?? Addition of Infinite term. 1+1+1+1+1+1------- till infinity ??? Multiplication of infinite term. 1*1*1*1*1*1---- till infinity??? Watch this video.